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Ivybridge U3A Geology group
Led by Victor Abbott 01752 896330
Email: victor.plymouth@gmail.com
If you have ever walked along the beach and wondered how the incredible rock formations were created in our local cliffs or you delight in the simple geometric
beauty of crystals and fossils, you now have the opportunity to join our
Geology group to find out more.   
Meetings will be held inside in the winter and outdoors on beaches or in quarries during the summer.
We will be learning how to identify the rocks you find.  
We will also cover subjects like crystals, mineral ores and fossils.   
We have plenty of space for new members.
The Geology group meet on the 3rd Friday morning of each month from
10.00 - 12.00 pm in Bittaford village hall.  
Victor will gave a talk on the Appalachians in Bittaford hall.
Mervyn Stewart, Volcanoes Part 2. Bittaford Hall.
Limited number of places to study rocks and fossil types with Peter Brooks.  Car sharing needs to be arranged.
Mince pies and short reviews by speakers since the May 2020 Lockdown. Bittaford Hall.
Sep 17th -
Oct 15th -
Nov 19th -

Dec 17th -
Post Lockdown Programme for 2021