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Ivybridge U3A Creative Writing group
Led by  Jill McRae-Spencer
Email mjmspencer@yahoo.co.uk
The Creative Writing group will cover just about everything you could possibly
think of and want to write about.  
For example, you might want to focus on fiction: short stories, novels,
stage plays or film scripts.
On the other hand, it could be poetry or creative non-fiction such as memoir,
travel or history which is more to your taste.
It is important for members to be able to decide for themselves what they
want to write and how the rest of us can help them achieve what they want
by giving feedback and encouragement.
Are you itching to write a children’s book for your grandchild or a mystery thriller,
or are the folk tales of Dartmoor driving you to tell the astonishing
things you have discovered?

Why not come and join us and find out more?
The group meet on the 2nd Tuesday afternoon of each month from
2.00 - 4.00 pm in the Library meeting room.