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Discussion groups
Current Affairs and their consequences led by Michael Bailey 01752 892777
Email mjbailey170@gmail.com

Theology, Psychology and Philosophy led by Averil Heaton 01752 897109
Email aveton1000@gmail.com

General Discussion led by Michael Swinson 01752 698041
Email michaelswinson8@gmail.com
Current Affairs meet on the second Monday afternoon of each month in Ivybridge.

TPP meet on the third Thursday morning of each month in Ivybridge.

General Discussion meet on the fourth Friday morning of each month in a members home.

(see Group Diary)
What do we discuss?
Whatever people suggest. Topics have included: does Richard Dawkins exist?, a book review of The God Delusion, should the law be obeyed?, what is the meaning of suffering?, will the world end with a bang or a whimper?, what is the basis of morality?, do we have free will?, what is the role of the Ten Commandments?, nature or nurture in ethics and education, the role of buildings in religion.  We’ve also had a guided walking tour of Exeter Cathedral and visited the Plymouth Synagogue.
Are we all experts?
Of course not!  Some of the groups meet in member’s homes, and different members have led our discussions.  We start with Tea or Coffee, have a short introduction, and then plenty of debate of different viewpoints. However much we disagree, there’s always a good-natured atmosphere, accompanied throughout with lots of laughter.

 What a delight!