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The Science and Technology Group meet on the 2nd Wednesday afternoon
of each month at 2 pm in Bittaford Village Hall.

The programme of talks for 2021 are as follows:
Ivybridge U3A
Science and Technology group
This group is led jointly by
Liz Rider - Victor Abbott - Philipa Swain - Paul Jones
Victor: 01752 896330 email: victor.plymouth@gmail.com
Paul: 01752 896743 email: paul-a.jones@hotmail.co.uk
Community Science
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All meetings for the foreseeable future will be via Zoom video conferencing.
If you would like to join in but need help with Zoom
Contact Paul Jones via the email address above
Jan 13th - Edward Gillin - Edward is going to talk to us about the Magnetic Dipping                                           Needle, an instrument used to measure the earths magnetic                                           field.
Feb 10th - Dr Aida Alvera Azcarate - Biological Oceanography by Remote Sensing.                                            
Aida will talk about the development of ocean remote sensing via satellite of temperatures, sea level and currents. About how things started, how things have changed, why it’s important to have these measurements.

March 10th - Jason Goozee - DCW Plastics.

What’s the big deal about recycling plastics?

April 14th - Richard Bonella - Flaxmill Maltings.

July 14th - Dr Tim Poate - Monitoring Consequences of Storms.

The Main Mill at Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings, built in 1797, is the first iron framed building in the world, and as such is seen as the grandparent of the skyscraper. This talk will take you through the history of the site, why it is here in Shrewsbury, who built it, its 90 years as a Flaxmill and its 90 years as a Maltings taking us right up to the present day.

Monitoring storm impacts in the south west and how they are measured using GPS/drones etc.