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Ancient Civilisations
Led by Peter Brooks 01752 880891
Everyone knows about Egypt, the Pharaonic dynasty, the Pyramids and the wonderful works of art and temples the Egyptians created.  This incredible civilisation lasted for about three thousand years, until the Romans became all-powerful.

Stonehenge was built about the same time as the earliest Pyramids by a completely different culture in a land thousands of miles away, but recently, there is evolving excavations that show incredible evidence of even earlier civilisations who also built incredible buildings and made intricate artwork thousands of years before the Egyptians.  One Example is Tobleki Tepe in Turkey dating back to about 10,000 years ago,with even more intricate stone circles, 5,000 years before Stonehenge,   More recently, a grave site 16,000 years old has been found in the same area.  Other sites in other parts of the world, have dates going back 100,000 years and more.    Clearly, there is a lot more to find out as the data increases.

But most curious of all, is the emerging evidence of incredible stone carving techniques in walls and the mythologies that are the same all over the world, way before the invention of ships and aeroplanes! So how did this knowledge spread?  How did these civilisations develop?    How old are they?  What lost technologies did they have?

We will focus on just these questions.

The group meets on the 2nd Thursday morning of each month from
10.00 - 12.00 pm.  
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